artNEWS: Color Play – Natalie Blake | Cathy Chin | Amy Goodwin

April 5, 2017

May 2 – June 2, 2017
Brunch Reception: Saturday May 6th, 11AM-1PM

Everyone gets excited to greet the first official day of spring in March. It marks the changing of seasons into warmer, more vibrant times to come. To usher in the good vibes, we are filling the gallery with everything cheerful and luminous. ‘Color Play,’ features new works from artists: Natalie Blake, Cathy Chin, and Amy Goodwin. This exuberant exhibit will be on view at McGowan Fine Art, in Concord, NH, from May 2 – June 2, 2017 with a brunch reception Saturday May 6, 11AM-1PM. This event is free and open to the public, and will be a great chance to meet the artists.

Janet’s Back Yard, Cathy Chin

Cathy Chin’s quick but calculated brush strokes give an energetic and fresh feeling to her new work. While Chin depicts a restful reprieve in ‘Janet’s Back Yard,’ the color palette leans towards cooler relaxing temperatures. By priming her works with yellow ochre and allowing the edges to show through, she creates a glowing sensation – which warms her paintings. “My new work is intentionally more about color. I have been working a lot with oil on canvas and I think I am gaining more mastery and fluidity over the medium which of course leads to greater control over those brush strokes. I paint quickly hoping to keep an evenness of energy and intention,” states Chin.

Frooty (Blu), Amy Goodwin

The saturation and energy of Amy Goodwin’s work carries you from piece to piece. “I associate bright color with seriousness and risk. In my work color is punctuation and color is pause. It has been my experience that one and the same color evokes innumerable readings,” explains Goodwin. Although her application process may differ from one work to another, they all play with the manipulation of paint on a surface. The sense of movement in Goodwin’s painting ‘Frooty (Blue)’ is nothing less than a visual roller coaster. Her childlike lines carry the viewer from one spot to the next, while bright colors depict a modular vocabulary of abstract forms.

Assorted Vessels, Natalie Blake

Natalie Blake’s three dimensional vessels command attention with their classic shapes and stunning glazes. Her vibrant colors reflect her upbringing in the Caribbean, while the layering of pigments create depth and visual volume. “I attribute the simplicity of my forms to a desire that my vessels have a whole and graceful presence. I want my work to make a bold and prominent statement, yet have a restful composure,” says Blake. Her vessels are topped with finials that resemble a sea anemone. These toppers create stunning gradients in light and color while giving the solid porcelain pieces a sense of fragility.

We are excited about the intertwining brilliant pops of color with the playful hand of an artist.   “I have always been drawn to color so this is a natural combination of artists for me,” says owner/director Sarah Chaffee.  The distinct energy that connects these three artist’s work is not something to be missed. All of downtown Concord will be celebrating the arts on Saturday May 6. Learn more about the city-wide celebration at Capital Arts Fest. So grab a friend and come put a little spring pep in your step with this vivacious new work by the talented trio. 

Please contact Julie Hamel at 603-225-2515 and at for more information, or visit our website at Hours: Tues-Fri 10-6pm, Sat 10-2pm and by appointment.