artNEWS: Closer – Gary Haven Smith & Bert Yarborough

September 20, 2017


Bert Yarborough, ‘Closer

October 31 – December 22, 2017

Reception: November 3, 5-7PM

McGowan Fine Art announces the opening of “Closer” featuring works by Gary Haven Smith and Bert Yarborough. The show will run from October 31 – December 22, with an artist’s reception on November 3, 2017 from 5 to 7 PM.  This show is free and open to the public.

Bert Yarborough is a well-known figure in the NH art world for the past two decades, working both in front of and behind the scenes. His paintings are in the collection of the Currier Museum, the Hood Museum & Southern NH University.  He is the Art Gallery Director and professor at Marian Graves Mugar and Bill and Sonja Carlson ’56 Davidow Galleries at Colby Sawyer College.

Mr. Yarborough’s recent work reduces the surface into sinuously, elegant marks. Colors are pushed and pulled bringing the focus to the artist’s calligraphic stroke. His personal iconography includes the human form- indistinct, but with a strong presence. In the titular painting “Closer” he lets loose with an array of mediums and forms. Ink, paint, and washes cover the canvas. Granular sections are juxtaposed with flat primary areas. His recent trips to Italy and exposure to Medieval and Renaissance Art has clearly left its mark. “An entire new language of color, surface and form has emanated from this immersive journey,” says Yarborough.

Gary Haven Smith, ‘Marcato

Gary Haven Smith was the preeminent sculptor  working in New Hampshire. He passed away in September of 2017. His legacy includes several commissions, including works for the Thorne-Sagendorf Gallery at Keene State College and for Concord Hospital. Many of his paintings and sculptures are in private and public collections throughout New England including the Currier Gallery of Art and the New Britain Museum of Art.

This show will be including some sculptures and paintings that were completed shortly  before his passing. Gary’s work frequently utilizes lead and slate for his wall mounted sculptures and granite for his more three dimensional pieces- all quite substantial.  Gary’s most recent work explores intimate table top sculptures. Like Bert’s paintings, Gary’s also allude to the human form. In “Marcato” the upright stone has a definite presence. Its glossy, black surface is veined with white. The slender cutout at the center is lined with gold leaf bringing emphasis to the interior of the stone as well. Undulating forms in stone are created with templates or turntables. These pieces are reminiscent of dancing figures.

Bert and Gary were kindred spirits and friends. Though their work was different, they shared similar visions. They pushed the boundaries of their mediums- never diminishing their ambitions to appeal to a local market. Through perseverance, they found the audiences for their work. It is a pleasure to present these two great artists together.

The gallery will be in the midst of its move near the beginning of this show, so please check our website/facebook for location!

This exhibit will be on display at McGowan Fine Art, 10 Hills Avenue, Concord, until the change in location. Hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10-6 PM, Saturdays 10-2PM and available by appointment. Please call Sarah Chaffee at 603-225-2515 for more information or visit our website at