artNEWS: McGowan Fine Art Remains Open!

July 6, 2017

The Raw Space

Our recent announcement that McGowan Fine Art would be closing on July 7 was met with a great hue and cry. It saddened and heartened us, at McGowan Fine Art, that our public valued our strong artistic presence in the state.  

It also set into motion people coming forward to find a solution that would allow us to remain open.  A few landlords identified more sustainable locations, and after much thought and informal polling of customers we settled on a space just off of North Main Street that is in the thick of the downtown retail district, beneath Bagel Works. Although it is a smaller space, it allows us to keep our frame shop and gallery open.  The new location is 2 Phenix Avenue – a street that was closed with the Main Street redesign- just a twenty foot walk from North Main to our new front door. We are partial to this address as it is a sly nod to our rebirth! 

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of our new location. We will have no dedicated parking or exterior window to tout our shows, but we are quite excited that we will be handicap accessible via an elevator on North Main Street located at the Phenix Hall entrance between Bagel Works and Bravo Dress Store. A one level gallery will provide a barrier free space that we can’t wait to call home!

Our more compact inventory will help us nurture a closer relationship with our customers, to identify and bring in exactly the art they require.  We will be scheduling regular studio visits and more artists’ demos to encourage the connection between our artists and their audience. The e-newsletter & Facebook will be the primary way of promoting this schedule- so stay tuned!

The biggest advantage will be that McGowan Fine Art will stay in business. We are excited about transforming the space into a welcoming and interesting experience for new & old customers. Keep tabs on our progress via Facebook and Instagram.

Construction Dog!

We will continue to operate in the location at 10 Hills Avenue until the new space is ready. So we are asking for your continued support during this transitional period- and appreciate all those who have been with us through our current challenges!  Please visit the gallery and tell your friends. We continue to take framing orders – although there will be a lag time as we move from one space to the next. Remember that art makes a great gift, helps support your gallery and living artists. 

As the space gets close to completion we will announce our move date. It will be sometime between September 1 and October 1, 2017. Get ready for our grand re-opening- we are looking forward to showing it to you!


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