Bethany Cole Rymes



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Artist's Statement


“You set something in motion and it begins over time to tell you what it needs…The painting has a life.” – John Evens, Abstract Painter

I start with an abstract colored pencil sketch on blank canvas, adding an oil wash over the whole piece. I look for patterns in the pencil sketch to paint in carefully chosen colors. I always start with a current favorite hue which dictates the rest of the colors. In this phase the work is just an exercise in color harmony with a goal to saturate the canvas. The next layer is where I find my composition. Using shades of white I reduce the large saturated shapes, and go back in with color to enhance what’s left behind. I love the whole process but the last phase is my favorite. Up until this point working on the canvas has been like trying to solve a puzzle dumped on a kitchen table without an image to go by.



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