Bethany Cole Rymes



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Artist's Statement

Bethany Cole Rymes

My paintings start with a sketch on canvas, then, using brush and palate knife, I layer oil paint. Each layer varies: translucent to opaque, losing and gaining organic forms, but always letting iterations play between the technical and existential. As an abstract artist, I am unhindered by the dictates of visual reference. I allow my mind to shape the composition, directing paint and brush to create the equilibrium; I begin with no knowledge of where the end will be or how to get there. Will the canvas’s transformation be simple or more complex? An opaque coverage with two dimensional forms resting on the surface with only small ridges of paint to indicate its history of construction? Or will transparent washes make for easy observation through to the subsurface, where frozen shapes create a small illusion of space. Regardless of the outcome, for me it is the authentic act of painting: it is oil paint transfigured into composition that eventually discovers the idea’s arrival.

“You set something in motion and it begins over time to tell you what it needs…The painting has a life.” – John Evens, Abstract Painter



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