Bruce Campbell



Bruce Campbell graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in printmaking and received an MFA from Indiana University, where he combined printmaking with graphic design to produce his own limited-edition books. He began his career in 1973 at Princeton University Press designing scholarly monographs. In 1980, he started his own company, Bruce Campbell Design, specializing in the design of art museum books and exhibition catalogues.

Mr. Campbell was named design director for The Library of America in 1981 and in 1983 began designing books for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he now designs all of the major exhibition catalogues. In addition, he has designed books for the Whitney Museum, The National Gallery of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and The Chicago Art Institute, among many others.  His work has won awards in numerous design shows, including the AIGA Book Show, the AAUP Book Show, and the New England Book Show.



Artist's Statement

In 1976 the Whitney Museum of American Art held a retrospective show entitled Calder’s Universe featuring the art of Alexander Calder.  I was absolutely fascinated with his wire sculpture and his sense of whimsy.   Defining space with wires that were joined, bent, and twisted into imaginative shapes seemed an original art form to me, reminiscent of three-dimensional line drawing.  In 1990, I started experimenting by making small wire pieces during my weekly train commute to NYC.   The portability of this medium allowed me to take it wherever I traveled, and soon my wire tools outnumbered and outweighed the rest of my luggage.  I have always been interested in the mechanics of animal movement, and I began to sculpt wire animals and insects.   In 1999, I started to experiment with very simple levers to activate legs, wings, and tails.  Adding crankshafts and primitive gearing enabled me to create multiple movements and speeds within the same piece.

The addition of a crank to be turned by hand encouraged viewer interaction with the piece.  All living things are incredible machines and my kinetic work tries to show, albeit in a simplistic form, the complexity of these movements.







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