Barbara Carr



BFA, Massachusetts College of Art
Slade School, London, England
Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS
University of Kentucky Museum of Art, Lexington, KY
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
Prince School, Boston, MA
Private Collections in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Asia and the Caribbean
McGowan Fine Art, Concord NH
Two Rivers Printmaking Studio, White River Junction, VT
New Hampshire Plein Air
Plein Air Painters of Maine
Concord (Massachusetts) Art Association
Monotype Guild of New England
1993Pepper Passion, by B. Carr, Art Occasionally, Hometown Messenger, November 10.
1992Community, by B. Carr, photo by M. Bluefield, Art Occasionally, Hometown Messenger, March 26.
1992A Year in London, Parts I and II, ed. G. Hamel, Art Occasionally, Hometown Messenger, January 9.
1991A Year in London, Parts I and II, ed. G. Hamel, Art Occasionally, Hometown Messenger, December 26.
1991Postcards From the Desert, by G. Hamel, Art Occasionally, Hometown Messenger, May 9.

Artist's Statement

For me, art is not as much about self-expression as it is about interpreting the world to myself. Sometimes I see things in black and white, sometimes in blazing color. Usually, I try to paint what I see, whether it’s with my mind’s eye or with my “real” eyes. Once in awhile, I see something on the inside rather than the outside; that’s a subject that’s more difficult to turn into art.  There was a time when I wanted to paint in a very realistic manner, almost reproducing the physical look of my subject. Lately, I’m turning more to a more abstract and simplified image in order to understand the essence behind the outward appearance.