Youdhi Maharjan



2012University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, M.F.A.
2008New England College, Henniker, NH, B.A. Creative Writing, Art History.
Solo Exhibitions
2012The Art of Not Making, New England College Gallery, Henniker, NH.
2012Nothing Repeated, Prichard Gallery, Moscow, ID.
2012Swayambhu, Lewis-Clark State College Center for Arts and History, Lewiston, ID.
2011Avernus, Reflections Gallery, Moscow, ID.
2004NiteLight, Indigo Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal.
2003Gifts of Our Ancestors, Shangri-La Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Group Exhibitions
2017Kathmandu Triennial, Kathmandu, Nepal
2017Deep Cuts: Contemporary Paper Cutting, Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, NH
2015Spirituality and Obsession, McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH
2013Printmaking/Bookmaking/Works on Paper, Herrett Museum, Twin Falls, ID.
2012No Printing Necessary, Step Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.
2012Small Works, The Green Point Gallery, NY.
2011Works in Progress, Ridenbaugh Gallery, Moscow, ID.
2004National Art Exhibition, Nepal Association of Fine Arts, Kathmandu, Nepal.
2003National Art Exhibition, Nepal Association of Fine Arts, Kathmandu, Nepal.
2004-PresentBoston Printmakers' Society
Literary Journal Publications
2014“Altered Texts,” Word For/Word. August 2014. Issue 24.
2014“Visual Poetry,” Otoliths. May 2014. Issue 33.
2014“Visual Texts,” GAMMM [Literature/Criticism/Installation/Research]. March/June, 2014.
2014“Recent Asemic Reclaimed Text,” The New Post-Literate. January, 2014.
2013“Visual Texts,” Winter Tangerine Review. (July and November 2013). Vol. I and II.
2013“Samprabaha,” Smoky Quartz. (Fall 2013). Vol. I.
Devi Art Foundation
Michael Chabon
Bharti Kher
Subodh Gupta


I am a visual artist from Nepal. I engage in algorithmic and autopoietic process, which self creates the work and continually perpetuates. It is laborious and repetitive with no definitive end. The meditative and ritualistic power of repetition allows me to experience the making of each mark without worrying about the finished work, where movement is not measured by distance traveled but by the change in state of mind. Each mark is an opportunity to go deeper and discover what can be experienced, learned, and expressed as I surrender to the material and the process.

I work with reclaimed text, altering them to create a new language that transcends its humble origin and takes a new life of its own, independent of its prescribed meaning and form. My interest lies in material specificity of text and reasserting the thingness of language, freeing language from its enslavement to meaning, opening it up to new possibilities. I take part in linguistic play, exploring and exploiting text at molecular level where the smallest change can cause enough poetic friction to start a new life.

Texts from reclaimed books are erased, scrapped off, and cut out individually, and pages braided and weaved with repetitive acts of the body, adding a new mark of unmaking/remaking—rewriting. The act of writing and reading becomes a performance. Ritual. Meditation. Prayer. The act of information retrieval becomes a journey to the unknown destination.


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