Wendy Prellwitz



1950Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1972Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design
1976Bachelor of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design
2009"Night Glow", Peconic Bay Monotypes, Lenz Winery, Peconic, New York
2005, 2008"Arc of Visibility: Between the Sea and Shore", Whitney Artworks,
Portland, Maine
2006Soprafina Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
2000, 2006"Landscapes of the North Fork", "Reflections", Corey Creek Vineyard,
Southhold, New York
2001Ballinglen Paintings, Acacia Gallery, Gloucester, Massachusetts
1994, 1995, 1997, 1999Bromfield Art Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
1996"Rocks and Water", Sacramento Street Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Selected Group Exhibitions
2009"The Unique Print", Concord Art Association, Concord, MA
2007"Hot off the Press", Prints from Mixit Print Studio, Arsenal Center for the Arts
2006"Large and Small - Mixit Print Studio", Weston, MA
2005"Colors", Somerville City Hall
2003"Points of View, New England Artists in Ireland", New Art Center, Newton, Massachusetts, Co-curator
2003"To Ballinglen & Back: Boston Artists in Ireland", Boston City Hall
2000"Decordova Downtown/Art That Means Business", Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Gallery
2001-2010"Small Works", Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1993-1999Member's Group Shows, Bromfield Art Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
1995"Attleboro Forum '96", Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, Massachusetts
New Hampshire
1999"A-Way to Ireland", McGowan Fine Art, Concord, New Hampshire
Rhode Island
2001, 2002"Eight Woman", "Seascapes", Virginia Lynch Gallery, Tiverton, Rhode Island
2003-2008"Four Views: Contemporary Landscapes", "Arc of Visibility Between Sea and Shore"
Whitney Art Works, Portland, Maine
Long Island, New York
2009"Night Glow, Peconic Bay Monotypes", Lenz Vineyard
2003"Southold's Heritage: Rooted in the Soil", Southold, New York
2001, 2002"Inside/Out" NO FO landscapes, Whitney Art Works, Greenport, New York
2001"Morning, Noon & Night: Contemporary Long Island Landscape Painting", The Long Island Museum,
Stony Brook, New York
2000, 2001, 2002"Intimate Visions", Holiday Salons, Yellow House Gallery, Greenport, New York
2001"Local Color", Gallery North, Setauket, New York
1999"Investigating the Landscape", East End Art Council, Riverhead, New York
2005Ambassador's Residence in Dublin, Art in Embassies Program, Ireland
2003"Ballinglen: the artists in rural Ireland", Mayo General Hospital, Castlebar, Co., Mayo, Ireland
1999, 2000, 2002"Colours", "New Art from North Mayo", "Images from North Mayo", The Courthouse Gallery at the
Ballinglen, Center, Ballycastle, Ireland
2002"Aisling Geal" (Clear Vision), River Bank Arts Center, Newbridge, Ireland
Curated Shows
2009"Breaking Ground -- Past, Present & Future of the Maud Morgan Visual Arts Center", Cambridge Arts
Council Gallery
2003"Points of View, New England Artists in Ireland", Co-Curator, New Art Center, Newton, Massachusetts
The Ballinglen Archive
The Long Island Museum
Fidelity Investments
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education
Southold Historical Society
Private Collections
Awards, Residencies, Workshops
2002The St. Botolph St. Foundation, Grant-in-Aid
1998The Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Fellowship
1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007Returning Fellowships
Ballycastle, Ireland
2008-2009Printmaking Master Classes, Catherine Kernan, Mixit Print Shop
2009 - 2010Watercolor Studio, Joel Janowitz
2007-presentAgassiz Baldwin Community, Board
1995-1998Cambridge Arts Council, Advisory Board
1998-2008DeCordova Museum, Corporate Lending Program
1998-presentMaud Morgan Visual Arts Center, Leadership Committee, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1980-presentPrellwitz Chilinski Associates, Inc., Founding Principal in Architecture Firm, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Publications"North Fork Artist Studios: From City to Country", Authored chapter in A Shared Aesthetic -- Artists of Long
Island's North Fork, Hudson Hills Press, 2008
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March 8, 2002 and December 1, 2000
The Suffolk Times, Mattituck, New York, "Art Beat", Liz Wood, October 26, 2000
The Boston Sunday Globe, "Parallel exhibits don't back the same punch", Gail Kelley, January 24, 1999

Artist's Statement

Water’s impermanence yet endurance interest me- the sea’s
cyclical certainty of rise and fall, and the vast, boundless quality of an infinite beyond.
I’m inspired by coastal light and watery views and aim to interpret and capture the feeling of movement and flow, along with reflections and atmosphere experienced in a particular fleeting moment.
In terms of painting process, I work both outdoors to capture the whole experience from quality of light to what the day feels like, and in the studio, removed from direct experience, to experiment with materials, process, and memory. Recently I’ve been working with looser paint and a more abstracted sense of pattern and water, without horizon or reference point and applying elements of printmaking into my process.


On my recent trips to the west coast of Ireland and Monhegan I’ve been exploring the patterns in coastline rock ledges.  The cracks I see under my feet on the ledges below the Down Patrick cliffs in Ireland are repetitive patterns of horizontal and overlapping vertical lines. – which, I have discovered, reflect the forces from shifting continental plates, that created stress fractures along the shifting lines of compression.

Those same shapes are repeated on the indentations of the coastline cliffs, as wave action eroded cliffs and sections dropped off into the sea along stress lines – creating an affinity between the micro and macro view. The ragged, angular cliff shapes are dramatic, with deeply shadowed cliff walls above the ocean.

In the Fissure monoprint series, both cliff shape and rock cracking are combined – a symbiotic expression of the forces, the patterns, and the coastline landscape.


These moonlight monotypes reflect a lifetime of gazing out over Peconic Bay, on the North Fork of Long Island. I will never cease to love that silvery glow that fills the bay when a full moon first rises, and then the path that glimmers as the moon rides high in the sky.

In this work I intend to capture the dark on dark texture of barely-seen waves, contrasting with luminous moonlight, and that moment on a still night when the distant horizon beckons with a shimmering glow.


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