Catherine Tuttle



1980University of New Hampshire, Master of Arts in Teaching
1978Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art
Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences, Manchester, NH
"Modern Impressionist Landscapes", Stan Moeller, 2005-07
"Oil Painting" with James Aponovich, January 1999-05
"Watercolor Explorations", with Sylvia Brofos, May 1986-1998
"Ceramics" with Al Jaeger and John Baymore, September 1996-
"Watercolor Portraiture" with Mary Frangis, January 1994-5
Printmaking workshops with master printers -
Art New England Summer Workshops, Bennington, VT -
Bennington College, August 2005 and 2009, Catherine Kernan, summer, 1998
Susan Rowstow, Connecticut Graphic Arts Center, Norwalk, CT, Nov 1999, 2000
Painting workshops with master painters - Ralph Stone Jacobs 2009 to present, Clifford Smith 2004-2007
Stan Moeller, Monhegan Island, ME, June 2004, John Jacobsmeyer,
Plymouth College, July 2003, Clifford Smith, Concord, NH - fall 2002, spring 2003
Don Andrews, Newscastle, NH - August 2002, 1997
Skip Lawrence, Pemaquid Point, ME - June 2001, 2000, and 1997
Ellen Lanyon, Snowmass, CO summer 1996
Maine Coast Art Workshops, Port Clyde, ME; Christopher Schink,
summer 1999, Barbara Nechis, summer 1995, Frank Webb, summer 1991
Teaching Experience
August 200 to presentArt teacher, Bedford High School, Bedford, NH
September 1994-June 2007Fine Arts Associate Faculty, St. Paul's School, Concord, NH
Advanced Studies Program for high school students, St. Paul's School, Concord, NH
Summer 2004 and 2006Studio Arts Instructor
1986-1992, 1994Head of House
September 1991-March 1996Hargate Art Classes, St. Paul's School, Concord, NH
Private after-school art program for students ages 5-13
July 1980- May 1992Currier Art Center, Manchester, NH
1979-June 1985Bow Elementary School, Bow, NH, Art teacher for grades K-6
2010McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH, "Peaks and Valleys"
2007McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH, "Hiking the 4,000er's"
2005McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH, "25th Anniversary Celebration",
2003McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH, "Nothern Landscapes"
2001McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH, "The Alchemy of Color"
2001McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH, "Celebrating New Hampshire Forests"
1999McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH, "Mountain Vistas and Coastal Views"
2006Rogers Gallery, Mattapoisett, MA
The Art Center in Hargate, St. Paul's School, Concord, NH
2005 - 01, 1995, 1994Art Department Faculty Exhibit
2004Linden Gallery, Rowley, MA, "Points North"
2003Linden Gallery, Rowley, MA, "Recent Works"
2002New England College Gallery, Henniker, NH, "New Hampshire Women, New Hampshire Landscapes"
2002Polonaise Gallery, Woodstock, VT, "Fifth Anniversary Exhibit"
2002Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery, Portsmouth, NH, "Lassonde Exhibit"
1995Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery, Portsmouth, NH, "Voice, Vision, Power: New Hampshire Women in the Arts"
2001Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH, "Harmony of Land, Melody of Color"
1998-1999Sulloway and Hollis Law Firm, Concord, NH, "Recent Works"
1988-1999Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences, Manchester, NH, student
exhibitions of 1988-1999, Jack Charnley Memorial Award 1995, Best in Painting, 1996
Summers 1991-1999NH Antiquarian Society, Hopkinton, NH, "Tomorrow's Masterpieces"
1993 and 1997New Hampshire Arts Biennial Exhibition, Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences
1994Killian Gallery/Sharon Arts Center, Sharon, NH, 17th Annual Juried Show
Galleries and Memberships
McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH
Juried Member of the NH Art Association, October 1992 - present
National Art Education Association

Artist's Statement

Catherine Tuttle’s Hikes and Travels

I am inspired to paint the landscape I live in, visit, and frequent.  Over the years I have, at times, painted exclusively in watercolor, but more recently I have been painting in both watercolor and oil paint, exploring the characteristics of both media.

Hikes and Travels is a body of work painted over the last three years, and is my first show entirely done in oils, and for that reason it feels significant.  The paintings were done in Italy, Maine, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and includes a painting done from a family trip to an astounding landscape, Glacier National Park, in Montana.

The Maine series was done on Long Island in Casco Bay, and are all studies done on the beach and surrounding sites.  I painted on the beach and on overlooks, representing the fog lifting off in the morning or the light sparkling off the water later in the day.

I had the opportunity to travel to Tuscany, Italy and paint with Stan Moeller at a beautiful villa named Spannocchia. Included in my show are a painting of the lemon house, which doubles as an art studio, and other views of the centuries old villa and fattoria and views from the yard of nearby olive groves and vineyards.  At the end of the week the paintings all fit in my suitcase to make the journey home, so I was able to bring a bit of Italy back with me, along with Spannocchia olive oil and white wine.

Traveling to Glacier National Park was inspiring, with grand mountains and serene lakes with deep reflections of the surrounding peaks.  My painting of St. Mary’s Lake and Wild Goose Island is a study in quiet reflections and the harmony of blues, purples, with soft russets and deep greens.

I spent a number of summer days over the last two years in Crawford Notch near the Highland Center, painting Saco Lake and Mt. Webster.  I was interested in the challenge of describing in oil paint the height of the mountain and the depth of the small lake.  Spending a good deal of time observing a specific place has given me the chance to see slight changes that each day brings, be it the quality of blue in the sky, the subtle changes of the color of grass as each week advances through the summer, or the play of light on the side of the mountain as the light moves higher up the notch and across the sky in the morning.

I have two paintings of Mt. Lafayette in this show, both done with the support of photographs taken by a wonderful landscape photographer, Jim Salge, a fellow faculty member at Bedford High School.  Jim provided me with views of Mt. Lafayette and blue sky reflecting in a pond, and a close up view of Mt. Lafayette from the same vantage point. The fall foliage was inspirational and a challenge to paint on the mountain and on the surface of the water, while keeping in mind the height and distance of the mountain, the quality of a crisp fall sky, and the reflected colors on the surface of the water.  It is important to me to see the mountain in reality, and I took a number of trips up to see the grandness of Mt. Lafayette as I painted on the large canvas at home. Mt. Lafayette is the largest canvas I have worked on and I like the contrast of this exhibit with small 5×7” paintings and this large 48×32” White Mountain scene.  To cap off a summer of painting the two Lafayette canvases, I hiked the Lafayette and Lincoln loop trail in order to more fully experience the grandness and height of the White Mountains.

A number of the paintings in Hikes and travels would not have been possible without Ralph Stone Jacobs and his group of painting students.  Stoney is a superb artist who has taught me to see the world anew, to strive to represent the quality of light in a patch of grass, and to see the redness of light in a green scene. He has taught me to notice the more constant light of a June morning from 9-12, and how the colors in a wall change behind a still life depending on the weather outside.  I remember Clifford Smith, a previous teacher, who gave me the gift of the large stretchers I used for Mt. Lafayette, because he thought it was time I painted larger.

Painting affords me the opportunity to more fully observe, experience, reflect on, and inhabit the world I live in.  I thank my teachers Clifford, Stan, and Stoney, and my painting friends for all those hours spent together out in the landscape. I thank my family for travels together and my friend Linda for going to Italy with me. I thank my husband and hiking partner, Peter, who helped me make it up all 48 of the White Mountain 4,000’ ers and walk in the mountains I love to paint.

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